Success Story: Learn How To Run Your Business The Right Way

Small business man working on improving his business

Starting or growing a business can be a complicated process. Making the foundation of your business secure is critical for achieving long-term success. Overcoming these obstacles is easier thanks to the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp workshops Minster Bank is hosting with small business experts, RoShawn Winburn and Donerik Black.

Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is a workshop meant to give participants a better understanding of the inherent challenges and obstacles related to sustaining a small business. When the participants complete the program, they have the tools they need to achieve long-term success for their business.

Winburn believes with some coaching that businesses will see more opportunities as they move forward.

“I think businesses need a bit more education on business operations so they can efficiently operate their business. With that education, they are knowledgeable of what services they can utilize with their bank like small business lending, lines of credit and business checking.”

Coaching Businesses

Improving your business is achievable by using the services offered by a bank. The process of growing your business is smoother if core business fundamentals are already known. It’s these fundamentals that Black and Winburn are coaching at the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp workshop.

“Not only are we going to help you with your business, but we’re going to teach you how to run your business the right way,” Black says. “Once your business is running the right way you can walk into a bank and secure a loan for business expansion, buy supplies or start a line of credit.”

Attendee Experience

Winburn has noticed a change in current business owners currently attending the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp program.

“I’ve seen attendees have a bigger commitment to working on their business instead of working in their business,” Winburn says. “There’s been a handful of people that had regularly attended and are revisiting the business plan and action items from when they started their business.”

Even if you haven’t attended the earlier sessions, Winburn says there’s still value in the program.

“Although it is a series that builds upon each lesson, they can still get something out of a single workshop.”

Working with Minster Bank

The partnership between Minster Bank and the Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp has proven that there is a need for coaching small businesses. According to Black the lessons taught in the program are critical for business owners as they look to secure more funding with their bank.

“It is important for small businesses to realize that Minster Bank is there for them as a partner. Your bank should be a partner with you and your business growth and development. They are proving that by reaching out, these small businesses are setting themselves up for success.”

Services For Success

Minster Bank understands that every business is unique and has different needs. That’s why we offer a range of business loans and provide many other services including:

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