Does the 4 Percent Rule Still Work?

Does the 4 percent rule still work as a retirement saving strategy?

If you’re well along the road to retirement, you’ve probably heard about the 4 percent rule in some capacity. This guideline for making withdrawals in retirement has been confirmed through extensive study and practice over the past 20 years. But with the financial demands on today’s retirees, is this strategy still valid? What is the… Read more »

Guide to Investing in Your 40s: How to prepare for retirement even with a late start

Man reviewing stocks and investing in his forties

While in your twenties, the need to invest in your retirement may not have seemed urgent enough to earn your attention. Even in your thirties, you may have been too busy shopping for a house or planning a wedding to think about that far-off age of 65. But in your forties, investing in your future… Read more »

You’ll Love These Banking Features for the Holidays

Person using mobile banking from Minster Bank to make holiday shopping easier

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person will spend just over $1,000 this holiday season. Sound like a stretch for your wallet? It might be time to start preparing for next year with a holiday savings account. A Minster Bank holiday savings account is a tool that can help you plan and save… Read more »

Smart tips to get the most money from your home sale

Woman painting a room in preparation for selling her home

Your home is full of memories. Perhaps it was the first place you and your spouse lived together. Maybe your children took their first steps in the living room, or the kitchen was host to dozens of Thanksgiving feasts. And if you’re trying to sell your home, you’re trying to sell the idea that someone… Read more »

Minster Bank to Host Canned Food Drive This November

Food donations on wooden background, top view with copy space

For the past four years, Minster Bank has proudly hosted a holiday food drive to serve local organizations and now the time has come for the 2018 drive. All donations will be presented to one of eight local nonprofit organizations in our communities. How will your donation make a difference? Learn more about the charities… Read more »

4 Tips for Starting a Successful Etsy Business

Whether you’re a jeweler, graphic designer, carpenter, or vintage toy collector, popular digital platform Etsy makes it’s easier than ever to get the word out about your products. Etsy is a marketplace designed for unique handmade or vintage items. Once you find something you’re passionate about and enjoy creating, you’ll want to focus on originality,… Read more »

The Practical Guide to Data Security at Your Small Business

protect yourself from cyber security

Did you know that 43 percent of all data breaches happen to small businesses? Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you’re not at risk for a cyberattack. Help reduce your business’ risk of data breaches by implementing these strategies. Where to Start with Cybersecurity The first step in protecting your business from cyberattacks is awareness…. Read more »